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The Comic Legends:
Buster Keaton

BORN: October 4, 1895 in Piqua, KS.DIED: February 1, 1966 in Los Angeles, CA.

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'This Is Your Life'-BUSTER KEATON (TV-1957) ~28min Yes No NoLink

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Life with Buster Keaton I (TV-c.1950): ~26min Yes No NoLink

Life with Buster Keaton II (TV-c.1950): ~25min Yes No NoLink

The Buster Keaton Show (TV-c.1950): ~27min Yes No NoLink

The Ed Wynn Show (TV-c.1950): ~28min Yes No NoLink

Several TV Commercials:
Simon Pure Beer (c.1950)
Yes No NoNo

Clip-The Ed Sullivan Show (11/5/1950) ~4min Yes No NoNo

Clip-Whats My Line (1957) ~3min Yes No NoNo

Clip-Make The Connection
with Harry Gribbon (c.1955)
Yes No NoNo

Clip-I've Got a Secret (TV-July 3,1957) ~6 min Yes No NoNo

Clip-To Tell the Truth Fred Gabourie Jr. ~9 min Yes No NoNo

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