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Blanche Payson

BORN: September 20, 1881 in Santa Barbara CA.
DIED: July 4, 1964 in Hollywood, CA.

  • Biography of Blanche Payson :
    A formidable woman of 6 feet plus, she was born Mary Elizabeth to Missourians Thomas B. and Sarah B. (Martin) Bush. Her impressive girth and excellent sense of comic timing made her well suited for Producers Mack Sennett, Hal Roach and the Columbia Short subjects department. Ollie was her henpecked husband in 'Helpmates' inspiring Stan to comment "isn't she sweet". She was the Step-Mother from Hell for little Dorothy and Wheezer in 'Dog's is Dogs' and Buster's overbearing and over towering wife in the Keaton masterpiece 'Three Ages' to name a few of her memorable screen immortalitys.

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