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This column, if linked, will take the visitor to a page which gives a synopsis of the story and principal characters.

Purchase Sources:

This column, if linked, will take the visitor to our recommended purchasing source.

If you encounter any difficulty with this source, please contact us


Eventhough theoretically Streaming can be accomplished at any speed, it is highly recommended that the viewer be at typical DSL/CABLE MODEM bandwidths of 300kbs or higher.

NOTE: Make sure you are using version 9.0 or higher of Windows Media Player and that you are using IE v.6.0 or higher.

Windows Media Player Settings:
. . . TOOLS ==>OPTIONS ==>PLAYER ==>check 'connect to internet' box.

15 second test at: 384kbs (min.) (typical DSL/CABLE MODEM speeds)

Ordering the Film:

This links the visitor to a Shopping Cart which will allow a purchase of the film in one of three versions.
Delivery will be specified at the time of the order and is typically three weeks or less.

In House Film Products:

A search can be performed for in-house products containing the film (such as our EBAY Store) and other in-house sources of the film.

Film Inquiry:

This link allows the visitor to e-mail us with questions about the film.

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