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Thelma Todd

BORN: July 29, 1906 in Lawrence, MA.
DIED: December 16, 1935 in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Biography of Thelma Todd :
    Born Thelma Alice Todd to John Shaw and Alice Elizabeth Edwards Todd, she studied to become a school teacher but her successful vie for Miss Massachusetts of 1925 and participation in the Miss America pageant brought her to the attention of Hollywood talent scouts. With large round eyes and strikingly beautiful, she exuded a surprisingly rich sense of comic timing which made her well suited for the likes of Charley Chase, Laurel and Hardy and the Marx Brothers. By the end of 1935 she had made 120 pictures over an eight year period and her career and popularity were accelerating when she was found dead slumped in her car parked in her garage from carbon monoxide poisoning. A Coroner's inquest ruled it an accident but rumors of fowl play persisted. She was 29 and was divorced from businessman Pasquale Di Cicco.
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