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Dorothy Coburn

BORN: June 8, 1904 in Great Falls,Montana.
DIED: May 15, 1978 in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Biography of Dorothy Coburn :
    Raised in Prescott, Arizona, Dorothy Coburn was born to cowboy-poet and Western film Producer Wallace & Ann Reifenrath Coburn in Montana. Her documented film repertoire consisted of 16 silent short subjects for the Hal Roach studios but was also in scores of films where she acted as horseback-stuntwoman opposite such Stars as Gary Cooper and Joel McCrea and as a standin for Ginger Rogers in many of her dancing films with Fred Astaire. A muscular athletic beauty, she was quite often juxtaposed to film legends Laurel & Hardy to stifle their comedy antics. At the time of her death, she was living in Rancho Palos Verdes leaving widower Harry W. Heap her childhood sweetheart whom she married in 1973 in Santa Barbara, CA. Her name at the time of the marriage was Dorothy Maier having been married to Joseph Maier until his death in Santa Barbara on March 4, 1959 from heart disease. Mr. Maier was an Arial Surveyor by trade. The couple had lived at 1259 De La Guerra Rd. for the prior four years. Mr. Heap would die in Sandoval, New Mexico on January 7,1994. She had no known children. She was the neice of author Walt Coburn (d.1971), sister of Robert Coburn Jr. and grandaughter of Robert Sr. founder of the famous Circle C Ranch in Montana. In an interview for this article, her step-neice described Dorothy as "feisty".

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