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Mae Busch

BORN: June 18, 1891/1897/1901 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
DIED: April 19, 1946 in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Biography of Mae Busch :
    Mae was the product of an Opera Singer Mother and the Conductor of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. At the age of three her parents came to America and placed her in a New Jersey Convent while they pursued their show business careers. She came under contract with Mack Sennett in 1915 where she was briefly one of his "Bathing Beauties". But an alleged affair with Sennett and a physical confrontation with his then fiancee Mabel Normand abruptly ended her association with the studio. By 1920 she was making feature films one of the most notable being Princess Vera in Von Stroheim's FOOLISH WIVES (1922). Mae had reached her stride by 1925 while under contract at MGM but constant battles with the studio compelled her to walk out on her contract and the following year suffered a nervous breakdown. Hal Roach in 1927 put her in "LOVE 'EM and WEEP" which began a 10 year association with the studio. Laurel and Hardy fans know her as the femme fatal in many of their productions. . and a scene stealer. Mae would make several more picture after leaving Roach but never again attain the level of stardom she once enjoyed. She died at the Motions Picture Country Hospital in 1946 from colon cancer. Upon emancipation she was reported to have replaced Lillian Lorraine in "Over The River" on the New York Stage in 1915 suggesting she was most probably born in 1897. Her first of three husbands was Francis McDonald

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