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    Mocking Jerry Springer-like talk shows, Night Stand was a fake talk show hosted by lovable, Dick Dietrick, played masterfully by Timothy Stack. Dick would bring on ridiculous guests and go into a plethora of even more ridiculous questions. A Springer/Ricky Lake- type show, the "Dick Dietrick Show" would bring on guests that not even fans of the entire "outrageous" talk show genre would want to see. Many of the themes had sexual overtones, obvious to everyone watching, except for Dick himself who would make comments that everyone else found explicit, but Dick himself thought nothing of it. Soon after he would scold the audience when realizing the sexual overtone, and say, "People," Also see The Dick Dietrick International Fan Club

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    Timothy Stack: Dick Dietrick
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Nightstand Lite & The Paranormal Show ~43min Yes No NoSearch

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Fashion Victims & Secret Lives ~43min Yes No NoSearch

Illegal Alien Star Search &
Hard Body Prostitutes
Yes No NoSearch

The Trailor Park Murders &
The Mistrial of the Century
Yes No NoSearch

Love on the Internet &
Dream a Little Dream
Yes No NoSearch

Sexaholics & Dating ~43min Yes No NoSearch

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