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Film TitleGenrePrinciple Star (s)DirectorAvailability Link
Salome - 1923 Feature|Drama Alla Nazimova Charles Bryant (I) Site Page

Scaramouche - 1923 Feature|Drama|Romance Lloyd Ingraham (I) Rex Ingram (II) Site Page

Scarlet Car (The) - 1917 Feature|Drama Lon Chaney Joseph De Grasse Site Page

Scarlet Days - 1919 Feature|Adventure|Romance|Western Richard Barthelmess D.W. Griffith Site Page

Scrambled Eggs - 1925 Short|Comedy Phil Dunham Jess Robbins Site Page

Secrets Of The Night - 1925 Feature|Comedy|Drama|Mystery James Kirkwood Herbert Blaché Site Page

Semon,Larry - Rare Films of - v.1 Short Comedies (6) Larry Semon (various) Site Page

Semon,Larry - Rare Films of - v.2 Short Comedies (6) Larry Semon (various) Site Page

Semon,Larry - Rare Films of - v.3 Short Comedies (5) Larry Semon (various) Site Page

Semon,Larry - Rare Films of - v.4 Short Comedies (4) Larry Semon (various) Site Page

Sergeant Hofmeyer - 1914 Short|Comedy Ford Sterling Henry Lehrman Site Page

Seven Keys To Baldpate - 1917 Feature|Mystery|Thriller George M. Cohan Hugh Ford Site Page

Seven Years Bad Luck - 1921 Feature|Comedy Max Linder (I) Max Linder (I) Site Page

She - 1925 Feature|Fantasy|Adventure Betty Blythe Leander De Cordova Site Page

She Goes To War - 1929 Feature|Drama Eleanor Boardman Henry King (I) Site Page

Shining Adventure (The) - 1925 n/a Percy Marmont Hugo Ballin Site Page

Ship Shape - 1925 Short|Comedy Cliff Bowes Albert Ray (I) Site Page

Shootin' Mad - 1918 Short|Western Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson Site Page

Shootin' Square - 1924 Feature|Western Jack Perrin n/a Site Page

Silent Command (The) - 1923 Feature|Drama Edmund Lowe J. Gordon Edwards Site Page

Siren Of The Sea - 1911 Short|Fantasy Annette Kellerman n/a Site Page

Sky High - 1922 Feature|Western Tom Mix Lynn Reynolds (I) Site Page

Slick Slickers - 1928 Short|Comedy Neal Burns Arvid E. Gillstrom Site Page

Slim Becomes An Editor - 1914 Short|Comedy Walter Rodgers (I) n/a Site Page

Smoking Trails - 1924 Feature|Western Bill Patton William Bertram (I) Site Page

Smouldering Fires - 1925 Feature|Drama Pauline Frederick (I) | Laura La Plante Clarence Brown (I) Site Page

So This Is Paris - 1926 Feature|Comedy Monte Blue Ernst Lubitsch Site Page

Sold For Marriage - 1916 Feature|Drama Lillian Gish Christy Cabanne Site Page

Son-Of-A-Gun (The) - 1919 Feature|Western Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson Site Page

Sorrows Of Satan - 1926 Feature|Drama Adolphe Menjou D.W. Griffith Site Page

Soul Of the Beast (The) - 1923 Feature|Drama Madge Bellamy John Griffith Wray Site Page

Spanish Dancer (The) - 1923 Feature|History|Romance Pola Negri Herbert Brenon Site Page

Special Delivery - 1927 Feature|Comedy Eddie Cantor Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle Site Page

Speed Reporter (The) - 1936 Feature|Drama Richard Talmadge Bernard B. Ray Site Page

Spieler (The) - 1928 Feature|Crime Alan Hale (I) Tay Garnett Site Page

Splash Yourself - 1927 Short|Comedy Bobby Vernon Harold Beaudine Site Page

Squaw Man (The)-1914 Feature|Drama Dustin Farnum Cecil B. DeMille Site Page

Star Border - 1914 Short|Comedy Charles Chaplin George Nichols Site Page

Star Prince (The) - 1918 Feature|Fantasy Zoe Rae Madeline Brandeis Site Page

Stork Mad - 1926 Short|Comedy Bobby Ray n/a Site Page

Straight Shooting - 1917 Feature|Western Harry Carey John Ford (I) Site Page

Suds - 1920 Feature|Comedy Mary Pickford John Francis Dillon Site Page

Sumurun/One Arabian Night - 1920 Feature|Adventure|Drama Pola Negri Ernst Lubitsch Site Page

Sunny Side Up-1929 Feature|Comedy Janet Gaynor / Charles Farrell David Butler Site Page

Swan (The) - 1925 Feature|Comedy|Romance Frances Howard (I) Dimitri Buchowetzki Site Page

Sweet Memories - 1911 Short|Drama|Romance Mary Pickford Thomas H. Ince Site Page

Sweethearts On Parade - 1930 Feature|Drama|Musical Alice White Marshall Neilan Site Page

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