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Film TitleGenrePrinciple Star (s)DirectorAvailability Link
Paramount On Parade -1930 Feature|Revue various Dorothy Arzner Site Page

Passionate Plumber -1932 Feature|Comedy Buster Keaton Edward Sedgwick Site Page

Patchwork Girl of Oz (The) -1914 Feature|Adventure|Fantasy|Comedy Violet MacMillan J. Farrell MacDonald Site Page

Pay Or Move - 1926 Short|Comedy Monty Banks Harry Edwards Site Page

Perfect Clown (The) - 1925 Feature|Comedy Larry Semon (I) Fred C. Newmeyer Site Page

Perils Of The Rail - 1926 Feature|Action Helen Holmes (I) J.P. McGowan Site Page

Phantom Bullet (The) - 1926 Feature|Western Hoot Gibson Clifford Smith (I) Site Page

Phantom Express (The) - 1932 Feature|Mystery William Collier Jr. Emory Johnson Site Page

Phantom Flyer (The) - 1928 Feature|Western Al Wilson (I) Bruce M. Mitchell Site Page

Pinch Hitter (The) - 1917 Feature|Comedy|Sports Charles Ray (I) Victor Schertzinger Site Page

Pioneer's Gold - 1924 Feature|Western Pete Morrison (I) Victor Adamson Site Page

Pioneers Of The West - 1927 Feature|Western Dick Carter (I) Marcel Perez (I) Site Page

Playing Dead - 1915 Feature|Drama Sidney Drew Sidney Drew Site Page

Plumber (The) - 1921 Short|Comedy Billy Franey Thomas La Rose Site Page

Polidor cambia sesso - 1918 Short|Comedy Olga Capri Polidor/Ferdinand Guillaume/Tontolino Site Page

Politiquerias - 1931 Feature|Comedy Stan Laurel / Oliver Hardy James W. Horne Site Page

Pony Express (The) - 1925 Feature|Western Betty Compson James Cruze Site Page

Poor Little Rich Girl (The) - 1917 Feature|Comedy|Drama Mary Pickford Maurice Tourneur Site Page

Prairie King (The) - 1927 Feature|Western Hoot Gibson B. Reeves Eason Site Page

Prairie Pirate (The) - 1925 Feature|Western Harry Carey Edmund Mortimer Site Page

Pride Of The Clan (The) - 1917 Feature|Drama|Romance Mary Pickford Maurice Tourneur Site Page

Primitive Lover (The) - 1922 Feature|Comedy|Romance Constance Talmadge Sidney Franklin (I) Site Page

Prisoner of Zenda - 1922 Feature|Adventure Lewis Stone Rex Ingram (II) Site Page

Property Man - 1914 Short|Comedy Charles Chaplin Charles Chaplin Site Page

Puttin On The Ritz -1930 Feature|Drama Harry Richman / James Gleason Edward Sloman Site Page

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