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(first letter in first word of Title being "I")

Film TitleGenrePrinciple Star (s)DirectorAvailability Link
Idol Dancer (The) - 1920 Feature|Drama Richard Barthelmess D.W. Griffith Site Page

If You Knew Susie - 1948 Feature|Comedy Eddie Cantor Gordon Douglas Site Page

In Old Madrid - 1911 Short|Comedy|Romance Mary Pickford Thomas H. Ince Site Page

In The Tentacles Of The North - 1926 Feature|Adventure Alice Calhoun Louis Chaudet Site Page

Innocent Ambrose - 1920 Short|Comedy Mack Swain Mack Swain Site Page

Insurance - 1930 Short|Comedy Eddie Cantor n/a Site Page

Iron Rider (The) - 1925 Feature|Western Yakima Canutt Jacques Jaccard Site Page

Is Life Worth Living - 1921 Feature|Drama Eugene O'Brien (I) Alan Crosland (I) Site Page

Is Money Everything - 1923 Feature|Drama Norman Kerry Glen Lyons Site Page

It's A Gift - 1923 Short|Comedy 'Snub' Pollard Hugh Fay Site Page

It's The Old Army Game - 1926 Feature|Comedy W.C. Fields | Louise Brooks (I) A. Edward Sutherland Site Page

Italian (The) - 1915 Feature|Drama George Beban Thomas H. Ince Site Page

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