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Film TitleGenrePrinciple Star (s)DirectorAvailability Link
Habit Of Happiness (The) - 1916 Feature|Comedy Douglas Fairbanks Sr. Allan Dwan Site Page

Hail the Woman - 1921 Feature|Drama Florence Vidor John Griffith Wray Site Page

Half-Breed (The) - 1916 Feature|Western Douglas Fairbanks Sr. Allan Dwan Site Page

Hands of Orlac - 1924 Feature|Crime|Horror Conrad Veidt Robert Wiene Site Page

Harris In The Spring - 1937 Short|Comedy Phil Harris Leslie Goodwins Site Page

Haunted Spooks - 1920 Short|Comedy Harold Lloyd Alfred J. Goulding Site Page

Hawthorne Of The U.S.A - 1919 Feature|Adventure|Comedy|Romance Harrison Ford | Lila Lee | Wallace Reid James Cruze Site Page

Hayseed Romance - 1935 Short|Comedy Buster Keaton Charles Lamont Site Page

Head Winds - 1925 Feature House Peters Herbert Blaché Site Page

Heading Home - 1920 Feature|Biography|Drama|Comedy|Sports Babe Ruth Lawrence C. Windom Site Page

Headless Horseman(The) - 1922 Feature|Comedy Will Rogers (I) Edward D. Venturini Site Page

Heart Of A Hero (The) - 1916 Short|Drama|War Robert Warwick (I) Emile Chautard Site Page

Heart Of Texas Ryan (The) - 1917 Feature|Western Tom Mix E.A. Martin Site Page

Hearts Haven - 1922 Feature Robert McKim Benjamin B. Hampton Site Page

Hell Hounds Of The Plains - 1926 Feature|Western Yakima Canutt Ben F. Wilson Site Page

Her First Flame - 1920 Short|Comedy Gale Henry Bruno C. Becker Site Page

Her Torpedoed Love - 1917 Short|Comedy Louise Fazenda | Ford Sterling Frank Griffin Site Page

His Angel Child - 1929 Short|Comedy Bobby Vernon Eddie Baker (I) Site Page

His Day Out - 1918 Short|Comedy Billy West (I) Arvid E. Gillstrom Site Page

His Favorite Pastime - 1914 Short|Comedy Charles Chaplin George Nichols Site Page

His First Flat Tire - 1920 Short|Comedy Sidney Smith (I) n/a Site Page

His Majesty, The American - 1919 Feature|Comedy|Romance Douglas Fairbanks Joseph Henabery Site Page

His Majesty The Scarecrow of Oz - 1914 Feature|Fantasy|Adventure|Comedy Violet MacMillan J. Farrell MacDonald Site Page

His Off Day - 1926 Short|Comedy Phil Dunham Hugh Fay Site Page

His People - 1925 Feature|Drama Rudolph Schildkraut Edward Sloman Site Page

His Picture In The Papers - 1916 Feature|Comedy Douglas Fairbanks John Emerson (I) Site Page

His Second Childhood - 1914 Short|Comedy Chester Conklin Charles Avery (I) Site Page

His Wife's Secret - 1915 Short|Western Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson Site Page

Home Stretch(The) - 1921 n/a Douglas MacLean Jack Nelson (I) Site Page

Home Sweet Home - 1914 Feature|Biography|Drama Henry B. Walthall D.W. Griffith Site Page

Hoodoo Ann - 1916 Feature|Comedy|Drama|Romance Mae Marsh Lloyd Ingraham (I) Site Page

Hotel Imperial - 1927 Feature|Drama Pola Negri Mauritz Stiller Site Page

How Fatty Made Good - 1913 Short|Comedy Hughie Mack Ralph Ince Site Page

How Molly Made Good - 1915 Short|Comedy Marguerite Gale Lawrence B. McGill Site Page

Humanity/Naked Hands - 1916 Short|Western Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson Site Page

Hunted Men - 1930 Feature|Western Bob Steele (I) J.P. McGowan Site Page

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