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Film TitleGenrePrinciple Star (s)DirectorAvailability Link
Camille - 1921 Feature|Drama|Romance Rudolph Valentino Ray C. Smallwood Site Page

Campus Knights - 1929 Feature|Comedy Raymond McKee (I) Albert H. Kelley Site Page

Canary Murder Case (The) - 1929 Feature|Crime|Drama|Mystery William Powell (I) Malcolm St. Clair Site Page

Captain January - 1924 Feature|Drama Hobart Bosworth Edward F. Cline Site Page

Captain Blood - 1924 Feature|Adventure|Action J. Warren Kerrigan David Smith (I) Site Page

Captain Calamity - 1936 Feature|Drama Crane Wilbur John Reinhardt Site Page

Caretaker's Daughter - 1925 Short|Comedy Charley Chase Leo McCarey Site Page

Carmen/Gypsy Blood - 1918 Feature|Drama Pola Negri Ernst Lubitsch Site Page

Caught in the Rain - 1914 Short|Comedy Charles Chaplin Charles Chaplin Site Page

Charlatan (The) - 1929 Feature|Thriller Holmes Herbert George Melford Site Page

Chasing the Chaser - 1925 Short|Comedy James Finlayson Stan Laurel Site Page

Cheat (The) - 1915 Feature|Drama Fannie Ward | Sessue Hayakawa Cecil B. DeMille Site Page

Chemist (The) - 1936 Short|Comedy Buster Keaton Al Christie Site Page

Chief Cook (The) - 1917 Short|Comedy Billy West (I) Arvid E. Gillstrom Site Page

Children Of All Lands - 1928 Short|Documentary varioius Madeline Brandeis Site Page

City Girl - 1930 Feature|Drama|Romance Charles Farrell (I) F.W. Murnau Site Page

Civilization - 1916 Feature|Drama Howard C. Hickman Reginald Barker Site Page

Claw (The) - 1927 Feature|Drama Norman Kerry Sidney Olcott Site Page

Clinging Vine (The) - 1926 Feature|Comedy Leatrice Joy Paul Sloane (II) Site Page

Coast Patrol (The) - 1925 n/a Kenneth MacDonald (III) Bud Barsky Site Page

College Hero (The) - 1927 Featue|Comedy|Romance Robert Agnew (I) Walter Lang (I) Site Page

Comeback (The)/Liebe im Ring - 1930 Feature|Romance Max Schmeling Reinhold Schünzel Site Page

Confession (The) - 1920 Feature|Drama Henry B. Walthall Bertram Bracken Site Page

Count of Monte Cristo/Monte-Cristo - 1929 Feature|Adventure Lil Dagover Henri Fescourt Site Page

Cricket On the Hearth (The) - 1923 Feature|Comedy Josef Swickard Lorimer Johnston Site Page

Crossed Signals - 1926 Feature|Action|Adventure Helen Holmes (I) J.P. McGowan Site Page

Custard's Last Stand - 1927 Short|Comedy Billy Franey Albert Herman (I) Site Page

Custer's Last Fight - 1912 Short|Western Francis Ford Francis Ford Site Page

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