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Film TitleGenrePrinciple Star (s)DirectorAvailability Link
Barbarian (The) - 1921 Feature|Adventure|Drama Monroe Salisbury Donald Crisp (I) Site Page

Bare Knees - 1928 Feature|Comedy Virginia Lee Corbin Erle C. Kenton Site Page

Bargain (The) - 1914 Feature|Western William S. Hart Reginald Barker Site Page

Barnum Was Right - 1929 Feature|Comedy Glenn Tryon Del Lord Site Page

Bashful Ballerina - 1937 Short|Comedy Imogene Coca William Watson (I) Site Page

Bath Dub (The) - 1921 Short|Comedy Billy Franey Thomas La Rose Site Page

Battling Bunyon - 1925 Feature|Comedy Wesley Barry Paul Hurst (I) Site Page

Battling Fool (The) - 1924 Feature|Drama William Fairbanks W.S. Van Dyke Site Page

Battling Orioles (The) - 1924 Feature|Comedy Glenn Tryon Fred Guiol Site Page

Beggars Of Life - 1928 Feature|Adventure|Drama Louise Brooks | Richard Arlen | Wallace Beery William A. Wellman Site Page

Bells (The) - 1926 Feature|Crime|Drama Lionel Barrymore James Young Site Page

Betsy Ross - 1917 Feature|Biography|Drama Alice Brady George Cowl Site Page

Better Man Wins (The) - 1922 Feature|Action|Western Pete Morrison (I) Frank S. Mattison | Marcel Perez (I) Site Page

Beyond The Border - 1925 Feature|Western Harry Carey Scott R. Dunlap Site Page

Beyond The Trail - 1926 Feature|Western Bill Patton Albert Herman (I) Site Page

Big Game - 1921/II Short|Comedy 'Snub' Pollard Alfred J. Goulding Site Page

Billy The Bear Tamer - 1915 Short|Comedy Billy Quirk Lee Beggs Site Page

Blonde For a Night - 1928 Feature|Comedy Marie Prevost E. Mason Hopper Site Page

Blot (The) - 1921 Feature|Drama Philip Hubbard Phillips Smalley Site Page

Blue Bird (The) - 1918 Feature|Fantasy Tula Belle Maurice Tourneur Site Page

Blue Blazes Rawden - 1918 Feature|Drama|Western William S. Hart William S. Hart Site Page

Blundering Blacksmiths - 1917 Short|Comedy Lloyd Hamilton | Bud Duncan n/a Site Page

Bolshevism On Trial/Shattered Dreams - 1919 Feature|Drama Robert Frazer Harley Knoles Site Page

Border Sheriff (The) - 1926 Feature|Western Jack Hoxie Robert N. Bradbury Site Page

Branded, A Bandit - 1924 Feature|Western Yakima Canutt Paul Hurst (I) Site Page

Broadminded - 1931 Feature|Comedy Joe E. Brown Mervyn LeRoy Site Page

Broken Locket (The) - 1909 Short Mary Pickford D.W. Griffith Site Page

Broncho Billy And The Baby - 1915 Short|Western Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson Site Page

Broncho Billy's Sentence - 1915 Short|Western Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson Site Page

Brute Island/McVeagh of the South Seas - 1914 Feature|Adventure|Drama Harry Carey | Fern Foster Cyril Bruce Site Page

Buckaroo Kid (The) - 1926 Feature|Western Hoot Gibson Lynn Reynolds (I) Site Page

Burning Daylight - 1928 Feature|Drama Milton Sills Charles Brabin Site Page

Busher (The) - 1919 Feature|Drama|Sports Charles Ray (I) Jerome Storm Site Page

By the Sun's Rays - 1914 Short|Western|Comedy Lon Chaney Tod Browning Site Page

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