Kingfish Teaches Andy To Fly

  • Scenario :

    The Kingfish has possession of a Hotel Doorman's uniform so generously given to him by Saphire as a not-so-subtle suggestion that he should find a solid job, possibly as a Doorman at the Ritz where she just happened to have arranged employment for him. But the Kingfish has an idea for more productive use of costume. He suggests to Andy, as an aid to his fledgling love life, that he become an airplane pilot to impress the girls and, of course pay him a $150 schooling fee. Mandatory instruction consists of a vision test, multiplying 10 times 2 and 4 time 5; Dual Instruction, sword provided free, and flight "stimulation".

    But a concerned Amos remind the Kingfish that allowing Andy to fly could have serious legal consequence. Not to worry, Kingfish along with Calhoun arrange for Andy and his Date to experience the effects of flying while still firmly planted on the ground. All is well until the plane inadvertently slips away, ascends, and becomes lost in the clouds.

    At the Wake for the couple, the remorseful Kingfish is interrupted by a phone call from Andy. . in England !!

  • Principal Cast (in alphabetical order) :
    Alvin Childress : Amos Jones
    Johnny Lee : Algonquin J. Calhoun
    Tim Moore : George 'Kingfish' Stevens
    Ernestine Wade : Saphire Stevens
    Spencer Williams : Andrew H. Brown

  • Principal Crew (in alphabetical order) :
    Charles Barton : Producer & Director
    Paul West : Written By (I)
    Jay Sommers : Written By (II)
    Elmer Raguse : Sound Director
    Edward Fitzgerald : Photography
    James Ballas : Film Editor
    James W. Lane : Assistant Director
    Sidney Van Keuren : Executive Producer
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