Kingfish Goes To Work

  • Scenario : In response to Kingfish's criticism of the dinner menu, Saphire reminds him that with no money and their credit rating at the butcher's being triple Z (won't even accept his cash), its difficult to come up with a decent meal. Moreover she's feed up with having to support him and if he doesn't get a solid job by the weekend the marriage will be in jeopardy.

    Off to the Employment Agency Kingfish takes the only job available, a maintenance worker at Baker College. The first day on the job not having gone well he arrives, as usual, at a scheme to not only have Andy do his labor but to enroll him as a student . . . and collect a handsome "intuition" fee of course.

    The Kingfish tells Andy that he can get his Bachelors degree in a mere four weeks because he'll not be partaking in the "whiffenpoof" and the "bulla bullas" that your typical college student avails himself to. But Andy, noticing that his name isn't called at graduation keenly senses something's awry.

    Declining Andy's demand for a refund, the Kingfish returns home for an evening of excellent cuisine and a news announcement from Saphire, as a reward for his conscientiousness, that a man sent over by Andy has recommended an excellent four week diploma offering at Baker College and that she gave him all the money earned as the "intuition".

    Look for a brief appearance by Joe Adams who would later have a principal role as the military psychologist in The Manchurian Candidate.

  • Principal Cast (in alphabetical order) :
    Joe Adams : Graduating Student seated next to Andy
    Alvin Childress : Amos Jones
    Dudley Dickerson : Lodge Brother Joe
    John Eldridge : Keynote Speaker at Graduation
    Charles Evans : Senior College Official At Graduation
    Jester Hairston : Employment Agency Official - Mr. Johnson
    George Hamilton : Assistant to Senior College Official At Graduation
    Johnny Lee : Algonquin J. Calhoun
    Tim Moore : George 'Kingfish' Stevens
    Ernestine Wade : Saphire Stevens
    Spencer Williams : Andrew H. Brown

  • Principal Crew (in alphabetical order) :
    Charles Barton : Director
    Bob Ross : Written By (I)
    Dave Schwartz : Written By (II)
    James Fonda : Executive Producer
    Robert DeGrasse : Photography
    Daniel A. Nathan : Film Editor
    John London : Production Manager
    Emmett Emerson : Assistant Director
    Sidney Van Keuren : Production Supervisor
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